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Nebraska's First Federally Licensed Distillery
A chance introduction by a mutual friend brought two northeast Nebraska men together, both had a dream of one day owning a distillery. Within days of their introduction they were busy laying plans for their entrepreneurial journey. Their primary goal was to make the finest hand crafted spirits possible, while keeping their products at an affordable price.  


Doug Throener of West Point, NE. and Jim Brozek from Norfolk, NE. are partners in Cooper's Chase Distillery located just outside of West Point, Nebraska. Throener has twenty years experience in managing retail liquor businesses, and Brozek has spent over thirty years as an engineer in manufacturing. Between the two they cover a broad area of expertise and knowledge needed to start and run a distillery.

They believe the quality of grain available locally gives them a big advantage in their venture. Also, most of the work has been, and will continue to be done by family members who give "that little extra" to make their product worthy of being called made in NEBRASKA.

Coopers Chase, which is Nebraska's first federal and state licensed distillery, will produce a line of Vodka, Bourbon, Corn Whiskey, Rum, and Brandy, with vodka being the first of their line to be produced. The distillery is located in a building, on Throener’s acreage southeast of West Point. Both men emphasized the fact their distillery is located in the greatest grain growing region in the world, as good grain is the essence of a good spirits.

The equipment required for this kind of venture is not easily obtained, and when found, is fairly expensive. Using good old Nebraska ingenuity, these two men have built most of their equipment. An example of this is a one hundred gallon still, which Brozek calls a "hybrid", it has the look of a pot still, but can function equally as well as a column still. A pot still is generally used to produce whiskey, brandy, and bourbons that must retain much of the original mash flavor, where as a column still is used to produce grain spirits, such as vodka and gin, where a higher percentage of alcohol is required during distillation.


Cooper's Chase Distillery, L.L.C. - West Point, Nebraska
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